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Visa Canada has a clear goal and has always continued to move in the same direction. The purpose of Visa Canada is to help people who decide to change their place of residence. Immigration is full of stress and worry, Visa Canada has carefully planned to reduce these stresses and has pursued this goal for a long time and will continue for years to come. We believe that by spreading free information, we should reduce the hands of profiteers and people who do not care about the lives of others, and by doing this, we will create healthy competition in the market, which will cause the growth of all immigration companies, which will ultimately benefit everyone. .

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Visa Canadia team

Management staff

Dr. Babak Najafi Tirabadi


Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Business Management (International Negotiations and Contracts)

Sharif University of Technology (MBA Master of Management)

PhD in strategic management

Studied Canadian immigration law at LaSalle College

Legal staff

Dr. Jamil Azimzadeh


Immigration lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience

Chartered accountant and consultant in the field of immigration, international trade, tax and trade

Dr. Ketayoun Arabzadeh

PhD in interdisciplinary studies (law and finance)

Master's degree in international and European trade law

Bachelor of Jurisprudence


Mohamed Albarqi

Bachelor’s Degree in law

Master’s degree in public law

Office management

Tatsiana Bahdenkevich

Türkiye office manager

IT management

Omid Ebadi

Web developer